The University of Victoria Libraries has put together a Grade 9 Social Studies Unit for general use. To set up an appointment for your class to visit Special Collections and Archives, please contact Lara Wilson

Brief Summary of Unit 

In this Grade 9 Social Studies unit about global and national issues between 1750 and 1919, students will examine wartime propaganda in order to learn about war as a complex global conflict as well as nationalism and the development of modern nation-states.  Students will identify primary and secondary sources and then plan and conduct research using these sources.  After exploring primary and secondary First World War source material located at UVic Libraries, learners will independently create an imagined textual and/or visual physical artifact that incorporates the concept of propaganda.  Creativity is encouraged.

In the culminating performance task, learners will share their work with the UVic community by displaying their artifact as part of a temporary exhibit at UVic Libraries’ commemorating WWI.  Learners’ artifacts should demonstrate historical thinking, originality, and meet learning standards as outlined in British Columbia’s Grade 9 Social Studies curriculum.  The unit concludes with an optional class visit to the UVic Libraries’ for hands-on exploration of real First World War artifacts housed in Special Collections and Archives.     

Download Grade 9 Victoria To Vimy Unit Plan (PDF 5.5MB)