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Westman, Florence M.
Page contains: an ink cartoon, titled, "Busy morning at the base recruiting office", drawn by B. C. Hilliam; and a news clipping, "85 Signallers to go Overseas."
World War, 1914-1918; Westman, Florence M.; World War, 1914-1918--Caricatures and cartoons; Hilliam, B. C.
Florence M. Westman collection
[start clipping] 85 SIGNALLERS TO GO OVERSEAS Date of Going Not Announced Yet and Will Not be Made Public. --- Two officers, six N.C.O.'s and seventy- nine men have been warned for overseas at the Signal Training Depot. It is not likely that all these men will actually go on the next draft, but a few more men than are necessary are always warned so that there will be a few waiting men to take the places of any who may be compelled for one reason or another to drop out. The date of departure is not yet announced and will not be made public. The men on the draught are on last leave now. Lieuts. J.E. Hanning and J.M. Watson-Matthews, Corporal J.M. Breen, Lance-Corpls. R.H. Brown, G.V. Cameron, A.R. Davey, H.K. Davey, W.H. Pierpont (?), Sappers W. J. Allen, F.H. Beard, F.E. Breen, G.N. Brown, A.C. Brooks, W.A. Brunsden, H.M. Brown, H.M. Blue, E.P. Blue, H.L. Brownlee, J B. Butterworth, R. Blaney, P. Crouch, S.I. Cluff, S.J. Connor, H. F. Collins, T. Crowe, W. Carlisle, W. Craig, R.H. Dorey, R.R. Dorey, W.M.Diehl, S.K. Dewar, F.B. Eagleson, C.A. Freeman, J.P. Fotheringham, J. Gibb, G.W. Golding, R. Geoffrey, A. Gillingham, G. I. Goodwin, W. Graham, H.H. Gides, R.S. Harris, J.A. Humphires, L. R. Hall, C.P. Hunter, R.G. Jones, G.H. Johnson, P.E. Johnson, F. M. Jacobs, L.S. Kerr, H.I. Keans, J.H. Kolb, W. Leggett, T. LLanaghan, D.V. Montgomery, R.J., Mavety, J.J. McKeddie, W. McNeill, G.G. McCollum, R.S. McCollum, R. McWhinnie, W.S. McDonald, N.S. McDonald, J. McCullough, R.H. McBeth, L.L. Northcott, A.B. Nigg, L.C. Pope, H.C. Pray, W.R. Robertson, H.C. Smith, W.E. Staples, G.H. Stock, L.P. Sullivan, R.M.Smith, J.L. Stark, W.E. Troke, C.F. Valleau, J.F. Watkins, C. Wallace, W.B. Watson, W. Wightman, W.G. Wilson, S.J. Watts, F. Williams, F.J. Yanchus. [end clipping]
People Depicted:
Breen, J. M.; Watson-Matthews, J. M.; Heard, F. H.; Brownlee, H. L.; Harris, R. S.; Valleau, C. F.