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Destrubé family - Letter from Paul Destrubé to Dear Ones, January 21, 1917, "Somewhere".

Destrubé family
Item is a letter written by Paul Destrubé to his family on January 21, 1917 from the front in France. In the letter he confirms that he received letters and parcels; he further discusses his brother's (Guy) anticipated leave in approximately 3 weeks. Both Paul and Guy were killed in battle on February 17, 1917.
World War, 1914-1918; Destrubé family; Destrubé, Paul
Destrubé family fonds
[Centre:] Dear ones [Upper right:] Somewhere Jany 21 - 17 [Below "21":] 24 We recieved your various letters for which many many thanks. I am uncertain whether we have already acknowledged receipt of a parcel containing socks etc which we received at the begining of the month. The papers reached us safely enough but as yet there are no developments to report. We have had no news from Georges up to date & are wondering if he will be recalled to England before reaching this battalion. To day I had word from Newman Chambers, but evidently he wrote before receiving mine. Regarding Guy's leave, the time is I believe approaching & inside three weeks from now you may expect to see him, unless, of course, the unexpected happens. We have left our comfortable billet some little time now & are again within the sound of barking guns. The weather remains very cold, adding to the discomforts of active service. During the next few days we expect to know what chances we stand & will keep you conversant with the progress or otherwise made. It is my belief that the success of the enterprise rests with the Colonel whom we have not yet seen regarding this matter. I am in bed - that is to say rolled up in my blankets on the floor - it's just about the warmest place around. We recieved a parcel from tante Lisa & co & post cards from M. [Ducros?]& [illegible] When I have answered M Newman's letter I will forward it to you. He has been sick & away from his club at Devonshire House<sup>x</sup> Will close now With best love to all Signed Paul x - should be Cecil House