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Theodore Monk photograph: group portrait of military officers

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Theodore Monk photograph: group portrait of military officers, identification key
Identification key.
Sitting: Lt. H. V. S. Page (5/6th Rajputana Rifles, L.A.); Lt. J. MacE. MacNeil, W.T.O (Seaforths); Major A. W. Puttick, Cdr. B Cy. (Royal Canadian Artillery); Major W. A. R. Hadley, E. D. Cdr. A Cy (Can. M. Gun Corps); Major Ae. McB. Bell-Irving, Sec. in Com. (Royal Canadian Artillery, C.A.S.F.); Lt.-Col. T. B. Monk, V.D., C.O. (5th B.C. Coast Brigade, R.C.A.); Captain M. Montgomery, Adj. (Loyal North Lancashire); Hon. Maj. M. H. Jackson (Senior Chaplain, M.D. No. 11); Captain C. E. Field, Paymaster (7th Batallion); Major A. B. Slee, M.C., Cdr. D Cy (Royal Canadian Artillery); Lt. J. P. C Atwood, M.C., Act.-Cdr. C Cy. (Lord Strathcona's Horse, R.C.); Lt. L. A. Rees (16 Bn., Canadian Scottish. Standing: Lt. W. G. Black (C.O.T.C., U.B.C.); Capt. J. S. McCannel, M.O. (13th Field Ambulance); Lt. R. B. Morison (Machine Gun Cops and L.A.R.O); Lt. H. W. Moorhouse (South Lancashire Regt.); Lt. R. Bevan (C.O.T.C., U.B.C.); Lt. G. G. F. Richmond (Royal West Kent Regt.); Lt. H. H. Massey, Asst. Adjt. (29th Batallion and L.A.O.R.); Lt. E. F. Lequesne (Royal Canadian Regt.); Lt. W. G. M. Wilson, M.O. (13th Field Ambulance); Lt. H. B. Forster (Lord Strathcona's Horse, R.C.); Lt. H. V. Mighton (65th C.E.F. and Can. Tank Corps); Lt. R. H. Linley (11th M.G. Bn.); Lt. G.W. Carr (Royal Welch Fusiliers); Lt. N. G. Harvey (C.O.T.C., U. of Man.); Lt. H. Mottershead, D.C.M. (Cheshire Regt.); Lt. E. E. King (49th Bn.); Lt. R. L. Nyblett (72 Seaforths); Lt. R. F. Haig, M.C. (Fort Garry Horse); Lt. T. P. Horne, Asst. Q.M. (3rd Bn. Can. Scottish). Insets: Capt. J. Mehan (R.C.C.S.); Lt. J. D. O'Toole, M.M. (Malacca Volunteer Corps); Lt. A. H. Brand (Canadian Scottish Regt.).

Item is a group portrait of military officers.
World War, 1939-1945; Canada--History, Military; Monk, Theodore
Theodore Benning Monk fonds
[British Columbia--Victoria]
People Depicted:
Page, H.V.S.; MacNeil, J. MacE.; Puttick, A. W.; Hadley, W. A. R.; Bell-Irving, Ae. McB.; Monk, Theodore; Montgomery, M.; Jackson, M. H.; Field, C. E.; Slee, A. B.; Atwood, P. C.; Rees, L. A.; Black, W. G.; McCannel, J. S.; Morison, R. B.; Moorhouse, H. W. M.; Bevan, R.; Richmond, G. G. F.; Massey, H. H.; Lequesne, E. F.; Wilson, W. G. M.; Forster, H. B.; Mighton; H. V.; Linley, R. H.; Carr, G. W.; Harvey, B. G.; Mottershead, H.; King, E. E.; Nyblett, R. L.; Haig, R. F.; Horne, T. P.; Mehan, J.; O'Toole, J. D.; Brand, A. H.