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There was only one way to keep in touch with distant loved ones in the 1910s—letter writing. In this exhibit you can read letters written during every phase of the war by soldiers—from enlisted men to commissioned officers and their friends and families. We know that letters from soldiers were particularly treasured by those at home, because, in many cases, family members would hand copy the letters they received to send and share with distant friends and family.

1. JB Clearihue German POW letter

2. Keith Macgowan_WWI letters

3. Frederick Carne WWI letters

7. Typescript of a letter from William H. Davison, Mayor of Kensington, to Ernest Destrubé

10. ScrpBk1_05-verso

11. ScrpBk1_06

12. ScrpBk1_05

20. Destrubé family - letter from Georges to Dear Ones, 1917.03.17

22. Destrubé family - Letter to Dear Ones from Paul, January 4, 1917, "Somewhere"

23. Destrubé family - Letter from Paul Destrubé to Dear Ones, January 21, 1917, "Somewhere".

27. Archie Wills YMCA Album, 1911-1915