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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the command centre for everything you want to do in Spotlight. 

If you've ever used a CMS like Wordpress, you will be familiar with the concept of the "dashboard." The dashboard is the easy-to-use, back-end administrative interface for your exhibit. The dashboard is where you can create, change, or modify things in your exhibit. When you are building your exhibit, you will be spending most of your time in the Dashboard. It's sort of like your home base. 

Find the Dashboard

To get to the dashboard, go to your exhibit and hover over your name in the top, right-hand corner of the exhibit. You will see a link appear that says "Dashboard." Click this.

Your Dashboard page will have your most recent activity listed in the main area and links to the other main building areas on the left

You can think of the dashboard as having two main zones: The Configuration Zone and The Curation Zone.  

1. The Configuration Zone

The configuration zone allows you to configure everything to do with the general appearance of your exhibit. You can change the name of your exhibit, add users, and look at or choose the metadata fields associated with your exhibit, including the masthead, who has access to your exhibit, and the metadata associated with items in your exhibit. 

2. The Curation Zone 

The curation zone allows you to change information relating to the individual items in your exhibit. You can add itemscreate browse categories, and most importantly, create pages in your exhibit. Spotlight calls the pages that you create "Featured Pages." 

The Configuration Zone: 

Zone configuration

The Curation Zone:

Zone curation

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