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The metadata fields you choose to make public will determine how your users will search for items in your exhibit. 

You have the choice of showing a search box in the main menu of the exhibit. If you do not want to show a search box, simply uncheck the "Display search box" box at Dashboard > Search

You also have the choice of limiting of what your users can search. We recommend that you keep the search "everything" button selected, but you can choose to limit searches by unchecking "Description" and/or "Creator" and or "Publisher." 


If the sidebar is visible, users can use facets to limit their searches. You can select the facets that are available for searching by checking or unchecking the corresponding box. Click a facet field name to edit its display label. You can also drag and drop facets to specify the order they are displayed in the sidebar.

Facets are Powerful

By using facets, your user can quickly drill down into the content in your database. The more granular your facets are, the more granular your users' searches can be. Speak with your librarian or archivist about the type of metadata you will use for your facets. 

Search Results

You can change how search results are delivered to your viewers on the "results" page. You can choose the default number of returned search items, as well as how those results will appear and sort on the page. 

Up next...

Next, we'll learn about the Curation zone. This is where you manage individual items in your exhibit. 

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