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Importing and Comparing Items

Typically, a viewer on Spotlight starts with only one image in the frame. This tutorial will show you how to import, compare, or swap items in Mirador.

We'll start with the first 10 pages (recto and verso, that is front and back) of Fall of Princes by John Lydgate. The images below are from a 15th-century manuscript from the University of Victoria's Special Collections. To read more about this manuscript, including a detailed description, visit the UVic Libraries website.

You can practice swapping, importing, and comparing items in the Mirador viewer below.

Fall of Princes

Importing and Swapping Images from the Web

First, we'll need another image to swap with. Not only can we use pull in any item from any exhibit or collection here on Spotlight, we can also pull in any other IIIF manifest out there on the web. For example, let's use some illustrations of select scenes from Fall of Princes, held in the Bodleian Library digital collections.


First, we click the window icon in the top left corner of the Mirador viewer (outlined in red). From the drop-down menu, we click "New Object" (outlined in blue).

A new window should pop up that looks like the one below.


Mirador is asking us to provide a URL to the new item we want to swap in, MS Bodl. 263. To import the illustrations from the Bodleian, I go to this page, which contains the IIIF manifest -- that is, the "backend" representation or file of the object that Mirador uses to render the images -- and copy the URL in the address bar. (To learn more about IIIF manifests and Mirador, see the next tutorial page.) Then I click load.

Thanks to institutions around the world, there are many other manifests we could use, such as this one of the Works of Charles Dickens (from the British Library); or The Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body (University of Toronto); or this piece of papyrus from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. If you like, you can import one of those instead. You can also search for more manifests at or through a search engine.


After loading an item, it will appear in the window. Click this item to select it (or import more items instead if you want).


Mirador will show you a gallery of thumbnails, one per page of the imported document. Click any of the thumbnails to bring up that page.

Comparing Images Side-by-Side

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