How do I...?


How do I begin? 

How do I log in? 


Make sure you are logged in and...

How do I see how many people have visited my exhibit? [Dashboard > Analytics]

Determine my most popular page? [Dashboard > Analytics]

Browse Categories

How do I create a container (like a featured page) that will automatically populate a page with items based on facet searching? (full instructions

  1. Conduct a search

  2. Limit your search using facets on left

  3. Save your search

  4. Go to [Dashboard > Browse] and edit your Browse Category

Exhibit Settings

Change Exhibit Title? [Dashboard >Configuration > General]

Import Data to Exhibit? [Dashboard >Configuration > General]

Export My Exhibit? [Dashboard >Configuration > General]

Delete my Exhibit? [Dashboard >Configuration > General]


Select an Exhibit Masthead (banner) [Dashboard >Configuration > Appearance]

Select an Image for the thumbnail for my entire Exhibit? [Dashboard >Configuration > Appearance]

Select/create a Thumbnail?  

Select Thumbnail for Browse Category

Select Thumbnail for Featured Page

Select Thumbnail for 

Upload an Image?  It depends.


Select what metadata should be entered for items?

[Dashboard > Configuration > Metadata]

Choose what metadata is exposed to the public and where? 

[Dashboard > Configuration > Metadata]


Hide the Sidebar (navigation) on the left-hand side of the page? 

Make sure you are logged in. Go to the page on which you want to hide the sidebar. Go to "Edit," choose "Options," and uncheck the "Show sidebar" option. 


Add a page? 

Go to Dashboard > Featured pages > Add page. Enter page title and then Click Save. 

Edit a page? 

1. Go to Dashboard > Featured pages > Edit

  1. Go to page you want to edit and click on "Edit" button in top, right-hand corner.


Choose which items are searched when a user searches the exhibit?

[Dashboard > Configuration > Search > Facets]

Choose how Search results are displayed and sorted?  

[Dashboard > Configuration > Search > Results]

Choose which Search categories show up in the Main menu? [Dashboard > Configuration > Search]


Add a new user to my exhibit [Dashboard > Configuration > Users]

Edit the role of a user in my exhibit? [Dashboard > Configuration > Users]