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The About page(s) is a pre-packaged page that comes with each Spotlight exhibition. Because of this, you cannot create a separate featured page called "about"--Spotlight has reserved that name. One drawback of this design choice is that you cannot add the "About" page to the "Featured page" content block. The only way to navigate to the About page is through the top-level menu. 

A benefit of this design choice is that you can have multiple about pages with Contact information for each. For example, you might have a bilingual website and want an about page in French and English as we have done here

Here are the About page for the Victoria to Vimy site. We have created an About page in English and an "A propos de nous" page in French. When someone clicks "About," they will see the following:

You can see the contact information for the archivists responsible for this project, as well as a link to the other About page, "A propos de nous." You can create many about pages in various languages, and they will all appear under "About." 

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