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"Word of Mouth" How The Trans+ Community Found Itself

Rupert Raj (1952- )

A trans man of Eurasian descent, Rupert Raj played a prominent role in multiple Canadian Trans+ communities. Coming out in 1971, he founded many early Trans+ organizations, including the Association for Canadian Transsexuals (ACT), the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals (FACT), and the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation. Rupert Raj continued to work with the Trans+ community through his own private counselling practice, RR Consulting.

Raj made a career as a Canadian Trans+ activist. This pamphlet was like a resumé for Raj, highlighting his activism around the time he published Metamorphosis, the newsletter of the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation.

Introducing Rupert Raj Pamphlet (May, 1983)

Rupert Raj was a featured speaker on the "Founders Panel" at the 2016 Moving Trans History Forward conference, where he talks about how Trans+ people built communities and shared connections.

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