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"Word of Mouth" How The Trans+ Community Found Itself

Key Figures

The people interviewed for this project lived many years of their lives unaware that there were others like them. But as more and more Trans+ people came out and started gaining attention, they made connections with others like themselves. As it became possible to communicate with each other, their lives were no longer so isolated. There were others out there!

Jude Patton on Being Out and Written To - December 19, 2019

Being an openly Trans+ person meant that you were likely to be written to by others looking for information and help. Jude Patton (1940- ) was one elder who received such letters. In his oral history, he remembers what the landscape was like for trans men in the 1970s.

Joanna Clark, Christine Jorgensen, Lee Grant, and Jude Patton (1984) © Mariette Pathy Allen

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