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"Word of Mouth" How The Trans+ Community Found Itself

FTM International

The FTM group started by Lou Sullivan is often credited as the first international group for trans men. The FTM Newsletter (1987-2008) that he started for the group offered a platform for trans men to speak and to hear from each other. Following Sullivan’s death in 1991, Jamison Green took over the newsletter.

Jamison Green Discussing FTM Newsletter - February 28, 2020

After Sullivan’s death, Green took the publication in a new, more public, direction. Green felt that the FTM Newsletter had to be taken out of the shadows of anonymity. Listen to his oral history where he discusses how the newsletter changed.

Jamison Green was also a keynote speaker at the 2016 Moving Trans History Forward conference, where he speaks on "Triumphs and Challenges for Transgender People around the World." Watch on YouTube.

Here you will find an original photo of Jamison Green standing next to a bus stop, taken by Mariette Pathy Allen. This was during the photoshoot that produced the cover image for Green's autobiography, Becoming a Visible Man.

Jamison Green (2001) © Mariette Pathy Allen
Cover of Becoming a Visible Man (2004), by Jamison Green

The Transgender Archives has digitized all 67 issues of the FTM Newsletter, including this first issue, September, 1987, published by FTM International (FTMI). View all FTM Newsletters.

FTM, issue 01 (September, 1987)

On Tuesday, March 29th, 2022, the Chair in Transgender Studies, Aaron Devor, hosted a panel conversation with a former leader (Jamison Green), contributors (Rupert Raj & Max Wolf Valerio), and readers (Kylar Broadus) of FTM Newsletter.

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