Fantasia Fair

Fantasia Fair began in 1975 as a week-long retreat for heterosexual male crossdressers and their cisgender female spouses. As time went on, the Fair expanded to include other Trans+ people beyond crossdressers. It continues to this day and is the longest-running event for Trans+ people in the Western world.

The annual event began as an opportunity for crossdressers to celebrate their identities, while also offering opportunities to get practical help on how to manage their gender expression in everyday life. For many participants, this was one of the few chances they had to “dress.” Every year, Fantasia Fair put out a new pamphlet announcing the year’s event. Inside were details of the festivities. Here, we see five early pamphlets from Fantasia Fair.

Miqqi Alicia Gilbert (aka Michael A. Gilbert) took over as director of Fantasia Fair after Ariadne Kane. In hir oral history s/he discusses the benefits that Fantasia Fair had for its participants, especially the wives of crossdressers.

Miqqi Alicia Gilbert, York University professor of philosophy, cross-dresser, and former Director of Fantasia Fair. Miqqi was on the Elders Panel at the 2018 Moving Trans History Forward conference.

Fantasia Fair consisted of many activities during the week. Shown below are some examples, including recorded footage of the Follies, the Fair’s annual talent show.

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