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"Word of Mouth" How The Trans+ Community Found Itself

EEF Publications

Erickson Educational Foundation Newsletters (1968 and 1972)

The Erickson Educational Foundation (EEF) published many important transgender materials during the 1960s and 1970s. Its newsletter compiled relevant news from a wide range of sources and shared this difficult-to-find material with its subscribers. Additionally, the EEF put out a series of free pamphlets aimed at educating readers on a variety of Trans-related topics. These were an invaluable resource at a time when the availability of reliable information was severely limited.

The Erickson Educational Foundation’s newsletter was published quarterly starting in 1968. The newsletter shared Trans+ news from around the world.

EEF Newspaper Clippings Book

Before it could be included in the newsletter, Reed Erickson and his staff had to find the news first. In a world without Google, how did they do it? The solution was hiring a news clipping service. These services would subscribe to, and comb through, physical newspapers from cities across the US and Canada, cutting out any articles relevant to the request. The result were these large scrapbooks, each page containing articles from a multitude of newspapers.

EEF Pamphlets

Throughout the 1970s the EEF published a series of short pamphlets. The EEF Pamphlets provided some of the most accessible and reliable information available at the time. Covering a wide range of topics for different audiences, these pamphlets shared valuable information at a time when this kind of knowledge was scarce. The EEF sent free bulk copies to a variety of organizations providing services relevant to subjects covered in the pamphlets. They were also available to the public for free. They were so important to both Trans+ people and service providers that many people saved them for decades.

The Transgender Archives has digitized Erickson Educational Foundation materials, including pamphlets and newsletters. This is the first edition of the EEF newsletter, Spring 1968. View more EEF materials.

Erickson Educational Foundation Newsletter (vol. 1, no. 1, Spring, 1968)

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