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"Word of Mouth" How The Trans+ Community Found Itself

Early Television Appearances

As part of her educational campaign, Virginia Prince went on a number of local television shows in the 1960s.

Virginia Prince appearing on television (1960s)
Virginia Prince being interviewed on television (1960s)
Gender 101

A lot of early television coverage that gave Trans+ people a platform was only aired on local-access television. These appearances did not have the wider reach that later syndicated shows would. Despite this, shows like Gender 101, published by IFGE, still gave Trans+ people the opportunity to have a voice and to advocate for themselves.

Joanna Clark Discussing Appearing on Television Shows - December 30, 2019

To attract audiences, TV presenters would often sensationalize the portrayal of Trans+ stories. Joanna Clark remembers all too well what this was like.

Kimberly Nixon describes seeing a Trans woman on TV - June 29, 2020
Kimberly Nixon (1980s?)

Kimberly Nixon is known by many as a hero for championing legal action against the Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter Society for discrimination.

In this audio clip, Nixon talks about the very first time she saw another transgender woman on TV: physician and elite tennis player, Renée Richards.

Watch Richards' segment on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast (1977).

Renée Richards on Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

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