American Educational Gender Informational Service (AEGIS)

In 1990, Trans+ activist Dallas Denny started a non-profit clearinghouse called the American Educational Gender Informational Service (AEGIS). Denny also served as the organization's Executive Director until 1998. In addition to publishing pamphlets, medical bulletins, and the magazine Chrysalis Quarterly, AEGIS provided a variety of other vital supports, including a 24-hour national trans help line and a regular newsletter called AEGIS News. In 1998, Dallas changed AEGIS's name to Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc. More information can be found on Denny's personal website.

AEGIS’s birth evolved over time. In her oral history, Dallas Denny describes how the non-profit came to be and what inspired her.

AEGIS began publishing newsletters and journals like Chrysalis Quarterly. Through these publications, AEGIS was able to share much needed information on transitioning and surgeries.

Many Trans+ people had to become subject experts in their own healthcare. Unfortunately, this sometimes resulted in incorrect, misleading, or harmful advice being shared amongst peers. Chrysalis Quarterly, AEGIS’s seasonal publication, was significant in dispelling such misinformation.

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