Mid-Century Architecture in Victoria From the University of Victoria Special Collections and University Archives

Wade - Oak Bay Municipal Hall (1957)

2167 Oak Bay Avenue

Wade Stockdill and Armour's 1957 Oak Bay Municipal Hall is one of a select number of non-residential mid-century buildings in Victoria. It is all the more unique in that it serves as the administrative headquarters for one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in the city. WSA's design is ostensibly rectangular, however, the architects subtly employ hexagons in two places: the room on the right side of the building and the planter at the entrance. These two features contrast the otherwise strict International plan, giving the building a playful feel. Another unique feature is the architects' use cinder blocks as interlocking teeth on the hexagonal walls.

Oak Bay Municipal Hall remains largely original today. The original watercolour presentation drawing – which is likely by Dexter Stockdill – hangs inside the building.

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