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My dear Douglas, Mary Butts and a performance of letters

Welcome Hotel

Jean Cocteau (c.1927)

“Our rooms became, just like in The Blood of a Poet, theatre boxes from where we witnessed the battles between the sailors of the French, English and American units. Christian Bérard, Georges Hugnet, Glenway Westcott, Mary Butts, Monroe Wheeler, Philippe Lassel lived in the hotel. People drew, created, visited each other from room to room. It was the birth of a mythology, of which Orphée sums up the style. Stravinsky lived in Mont Boron. I was bringing him the latin texts of Oedipus Rex. He was composing the oratorio gradually. The hotel was populated by these invisible who "come when they want and watch us.” They brought to it the tragedy, the dizzy spell, the passion". - (1926) Letter from Jean Cocteau to Marcel Jouhandeau

"Dawn at Villefranche, the lace of cloud over gold, east above the mountains; blue-black, silver patched water, a few late lights in the town. The holy calm." (1927)

– Mary Butts, The Journals of Mary Butts (251)

Jean Couteau 1957.jpg

Image Source (Jean Cocteau, 1957)

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