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My dear Douglas, Mary Butts and a performance of letters

Mapping the Letters

43 Belsize Park Gardens, London, Butts's home from 1919-1924
27 Ferncroft Ave, Hamstead, London, where Mary Butts began her diary on 16 July 1916

A Journey of Letters. Butts' life over the continent that she loved.

This display tracks Mary Butts' movements in England and Europe via her correspondence to Douglas Goldring. Journey from Rapallo, Italy to Sennen Cove, England through penned memories of Butts and Goldring's friendship spanning over a decade.

Hotel Welcome, Villefranche (1920s)
Sarah's Well, Mary Butts's home (Jan to May 1932)
Rue de Monttessuy, Paris, early twenty-first century. Butts lived at number 14
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