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My dear Douglas, Mary Butts and a performance of letters

Into the archive

Discovering the archive

Entering the archive space

The archives are located in the bottom of the McPherson library/Mearns centre for learning. Upon entering, you will see a staircase - go down the stairs until you reach the lower level, take a left, then follow the hallway until you reach room A005.

A note about the archive room

The nature of accessing the archives will depend on the context of whether you are visiting them independently or within a classroom setting. If students desire to access the archives independently: they must sign in and leave their student ID at the special collections desk. When entering the special-collections room, you must put away any food or beverages to ensure you do not damage any fragile materials. Individuals must also wear gloves to help maintain the preservation of the documents. It is imperative to keep the letters or documents in numerical order and not to remove any contents from their original belonging. With this, do feel inspired to check out some of the University's materials. Happy archiving!

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