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Business Law Clinic

Business Law Clinic

In 1998, UVic established the first Business Law Clinic in British Columbia. Today it remains the only law clinic in Western Canada to focus on entirely business issues. The Clinic offers practical education for upper-year law students as they provide legal information to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, which are otherwise unable to pay for legal advice. Students gain skills in areas of law related to incorporation, charitable registration, copyright, patents, product liability, contracts, business planning, and many other practical areas.

2000 Annual Report: Law Centre & Business Law Clinic

Clients are provided with free legal advice in the form of memos written by students under the supervision of practicing lawyers. Through this process, students gain practical skills in interviewing, client management, and working on the often complex legal issues of real clients.

Business Law Clinic

The Clinic is supported by a consortium of law firms whose lawyers volunteer their expertise by working with students as mentors in assuring student work is accurate and useful to clients.

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