Improving African Futures Using Lessons from the Past


This “Banda Through Time” portal and repository is hosted by the University of Victoria Libraries. It has been developed to make digital cultural heritage resources accessible to communities, with permissions negotiated through the Banda Heritage Initiative and with cooperation from the Banda Traditional Council. Among the growing collection of digital resources accessible through this digital repository are:

  • Photographs taken during the 20th and 21st centuries of Banda area people and places;
  • Oral histories recorded over the decades by scholars in the form of texts and in some cases audio recordings;
  • Documents from historical archives relevant to Banda area history;
  • Posters developed for use in local schools and for community educational outreach;
  • Digital videos of interviews and performances developed through the Banda Heritage Initiative.

By entering terms in the “Search” box at the top of this page, you can flexibly explore the collection by location (for example, village name), subject (for example, potting or farming), genre (for example 35 mm slide, poster or digital video), family name, among other options. For convenience, you will also find listed below some common searches and their results which are dynamically updated as the repository grows to include more resources.

Respectful appreciation is extended to all those members of Banda communities who contributed to and consulted about the digital heritage resources made available here through a CC BY-NC 4.0 license. We encourage their non-commercial use with appropriate citation. Suggested citation formats are described on this site’s “About” page.

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