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1. Tobacco fields at the base of the Banda hills, 1995

2. Readying tobacco leaves for drying, Ahenkro, 1986

3. Tobacco field west of Ahenkro, 1995

4. Plowed field viewed from Banda hills, 2009

5. Tobacco field west of Ahenkro, 1994

6. Woman carries harvested tobacco leaves from farm, 1986

7. Tobacco drying barns, south side of Ahenkro, 1994

8. Piled wood used to fuel tobacco drying barns, Ahenkro, 1990

9. Drying barn for processing tobacco, Ahenkro, 1990

10. Boase range viewed from mountain gap near Ahenkro, 1994

11. Banda range of hills viewed from hill west of Kabruno, 1995

12. Cleared and plowed field, Banda-Ahenkro, 2009

13. Yaw Manje: Tobacco farming in Banda

14. Yaw Manje: Tobacco farming in Banda

15. Tobacco field near Nyire, 1994