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1. Canoe on the Black Volta River, Dam Site, 1994

2. Canoe on the Black Volta River, Bui Dam Site, 1994

3. Basketry fish trap used by Ewe fishermen, Agbegikrom South, 1982

4. Recently established village on the margins of the newly formed Bui Lake, 2016

5. Black Volta River, downstream from Bui Dam, 2016

6. Canoe and fishing net, Bui Lake, 2016

7. History of Tapanwolo Katoo, Sabiye

8. Motor-powered fishing boat moored on Bui Lake, 2016

9. Canoes of Ewe fishermen on the Black Volta River, 1982

10. Motor-powered fishing boats, Bui Lake, 2022