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1. Amma Bio, Gbaŋmbɛ Katoo, Sanwa, 1986

2. Carved wooden face masks, Banda, 1964

3. Two carved wooden face masks, Bongase, 2019

4. Two carved wooden bush cow masks, Bongase, 2019

5. Bɔfɔɔrɔ percussion instruments, Fawoman, 2019

6. End of Ramadan celebration, Ahenkro, 1982

7. Two dancers in masquerade attire at the Banda Cultural Centre Commissioning, 1995

8. End of Ramadan celebration, Ahenkro, 1982

9. Brong dance troupe, Banda Cultural Centre commissioning, 1995

10. Woman dancing at the palace, New Yam Festival, Ahenkro, 1986