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1. Pounding fufu in a deep mortar, Ahenkro, 2009

2. Pounding fufu in a shallow mortar, 2009

3. Women pounding yam fufu, New Yam Festival, Ahenkro, 1982

4. Preparing yam fufu, New Yam Festival, Ahenkro, 1986

5. Pounding cassava, Ahenkro, 1995

6. Adjua Tini: Making Pito

7. Forming a ball of fuura using a calabash, Ahenkro, 2014

8. A ball of fuura partially covered in millet flour, Ahenkro, 2014

9. Mixing wehan, a cassava-based dish, Ahenkro, 2014

10. Making T.Z. (tuo zafi), Ahenkro, 2009