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1. Young women going to market, Adadiem, 1994

2. Houses and courtyards, Adadiem, 1994

3. Clay bowls ready for firing, Adadiem, 1994

4. Remains of pottery firings, Adadiem, 1994

5. Carrying pots from Bondakile on the road to Adadiem, 1994

6. Hearth made with clay pots, Adadiem, 1994

7. Large clay jars ready for sale after firing, Adadiem, 1994

8. Pottery bonfire in preparation, Adadiem, 1994

9. Bonfire firing of clay pots, Adadiem, 1994

10. Chͻkoo (water storage vessels). Left: Adadiem; right: Dorbour

11. Bonfire firing of clay pots, Adadiem, 1994