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1. History of Gangoolo Katoo, Sanwa

2. Family Histories from the Banda Traditional Area, Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana, 1986

3. History of Gbԑԑnlԑԑ [Gbeenlee] Katoo, Gbao

4. History of Boadum Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

5. History of Falong Katoo, Fawoman

6. Habaa Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

7. History of Kabruno people, Kabruno

8. History of Kenya Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

9. History of Hakalo Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

10. History of Hanyaw Jagbini Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

11. History of Gbaha Katoo, Makala

12. History of Gape Katoo, Bofie

13. History of Kafͻnͻ [Kafono] Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

14. History of Loobia Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

15. Pԑdu Sinͻ [Pedu Sino] Katoo, Dumboli

16. History of Pԑmbͻ [Pembo] Amo Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

17. History of Shiofi Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

18. History of Sie Gboŋmbo [Gbongmbo] Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

19. History of Nyawaa Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro

20. History of Kofi Krԑma [Krema] Katoo, Banda-Ahenkro