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91. Insitu pottery and grinding stones, Ngre Kataa, 2008

92. Burned feature and stone hammer, Ngre Kataa, 2008

93. In situ pottery and tuyere, Ngre Kataa, 2008

94. Iron bangle, Ngre Kataa, 2009

95. Iron bangle, Ngre Kataa, 2009

96. Tri-looped iron bangle, Ngre Kataa, 2009

97. Iron spike, Ngre Kataa, 2009

98. Burned features in a metalworking area, Ngre Kataa, 2008

99. Anvil and grinding stones in a metallurgical workshop, Ngre Kataa, 2009

100. Burned feature, unit 50N 2W, Ngre Kataa, 2009