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Shrine clusters B-C, mound 6, Ngre Kataa, 2009

Insitu pottery and iron artifacts associated with clusters B and C of what archaeologists interpret as a shrine that capped stratified deposits in a metallurgical workshop. Cluster B encompassed the objects on the south (right) side of the photo, west of (below) the tree stump. To the right of the black-and-white photo stick (lower right) is an iron spike (SF 09-174), a half bangle (SF 09-173) and a slightly curved iron disc (SF 09-172) in a carefully placed composition. Immediately to the east (above in the photo), an aglomeration of pottery sherds is stacked. Later excavation revealed a pedestal-handled pottery lid, dog skull and jaw bones carefully placed below these sherds in cluster B. Cluster C encompassed the artifacts to the north (left) of the tree stump. These included a series of pottery lids, portions of single pottery jar and sherds from other pots. An iron bangle (SF 09-148) is visible above and slightly left of the top photo scale, sitting adjacent to a pottery lid (NK 09-381) lying with its interior surface up. This wider shrine assemblage overlaid burned features associated with metalworking activities. Black-and-white photo scale in 5 cm increments. Arrows pointing north. Site Ngre Kataa. 10 June 2009.
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Ngre Kataa, Mound 6, Unit 48N 8W, Level 3
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Ngre Kataa
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Excavations (Archaeology); Archaeology; Shrines; Pottery; Bangles; Ornaments; Iron
Dr. Ann B. Stahl
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Ngre phase (late)
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Digital image
Dr. Ann B. Stahl
Ngre Kataa;8.11277778, -2.30611111
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8.11277778, -2.30611111