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Base of a shrine cluster, Mound 6, Ngre Kataa, 2009

A tree that took root atop a shrine cluster has been cut back to a stump (center photo). Most of the objects in the shrine clusters (B-C) have been removed. To the left and below the tree stump, clusters of pottery (10 & 11) can be seen, including a red-colored pottery lid oriented vertically (cluster 11). An iron bangle, a dog cranium and dog mandibles were found associated with that lid. To the right (north) of the stump, a tri-looped iron bangle (SF 09-218) has been pedestaled (left of the black-and-white photo scale stick). The level above this had been covered by a cluster (cluster C) of pottery, including several pot lids, together with an iron bangle and a miniature pair of iron manacles. To the east and west, two large anvil stones are visible, one to the right (east) of the tree stump (GS 09-26) and one to the left (west, GS 09-32). To the left of the stump, a burned feature is visible below the pottery cluster (cluster 11). Photo scale bar marked in 5 cm increments. Arrow pointing north. Site Ngre Kataa. 16 June 2009.
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Ngre Kataa, Mound 6, Unit 48N 8W, Level 4
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Ngre Kataa
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Excavations (Archaeology); Shrines; Ornaments; Bangles; Dogs; Archaeology; Artifacts (Antiquities)
Dr. Ann B. Stahl
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Ngre phase (late)
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Digital image
Dr. Ann B. Stahl
Ngre Kataa;8.11277778, -2.30611111
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8.11277778, -2.30611111