Improving African Futures Using Lessons from the Past

Collecting water from a dry river bed, Wewa, 1982

Until the late 1980s when boreholes were drilled in many villages, people in the Banda area relied on nearby springs, streams and rivers for daily water supplies. During the dry season, streams often dried up, while in drought years, even river beds became dry. Finding water was particularly difficult during the severe drought years of 1982-83. Here women from Wewa painstakingly collect water from a dry river bed west of the mountains in a process known as 'lawala' in Nafaanra. They scoop water with calabash bowls (chrԑgbͻͻ in Nafaanra). They have walked several kilometers to reach this place and were often faced with long waits before they could fill a headpan with water. West of Wewa, December, 1982.
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