Volatile Attractions Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash, and Managing a Music Legend

The Rupture (1971-1973)

However, Holiff himself remembered this time differently. As he later recalled in his audio diary, he was suffering great emotional and psychological unrest, in part due to being "slaughtered by the stock market."

"Get this for a sheer idiotic condition," he remembers: 

Johnny is on the verge of a major breakthrough. Not on the verge - he has broken through. He has just recorded at San Quentin, but "Folsom Prison Blues" is number one. San Quentin hasn't even happened, "A Boy Named Sue" hasn't even happened, and Johnny is already on the verge of being a star. We've already had a meeting, and there's already going to be a television series in the summer. I'm on the threshold of making a great deal of money, and what's happening to me? I'm falling apart. . . . It was a desperate time.  

– Saul Holiff, Audio Diary, 1971

Listen to Saul Holiff's audio diary, 1971:

Saul Holiff Audio Diary, 1971

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