Volatile Attractions Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash, and Managing a Music Legend

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Here you can browse photographs, letters, telegrams, audio and video clips, and ephemera from the Holiff Family archives. 

We also invite you to look closely at the 213 pages of Saul Holiff's personal scrapbook, reproduced here in full. According to an article published in the London Free Press in 1980, Holiff completed the scrapbook seven years after he resigned as Cash's manager:

“Some of the memories Holiff took with him of those days — and of days growing up in London and attending Central Secondary School, of being a Free Press carrier boy, of being in the air force in the Second World War, of living in California for a year after the war — are in a scrapbook he has just completed. . . . There is the RKO visitors pass from 1945; the pictures of Holiff as a young air force sergeant with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby; the early contracts for local dance bands booked by Holiff; the early contracts with Johnny Cash. The scrapbook may be groundwork for a book, Holiff agrees, but for now it’s just one more way to put things in order." 

The scrapbook's many items were chosen and arranged by Holiff himself, and its 213 pages offer a rich visual narrative of his life as he saw it. 

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