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161. Bacalao, coffee, sugar, yucca flour, corn and cattle were the most important export products on San Cristóbal. Here, the Manuel J. Cobos is loaded with sacks from the trolleys on the long pier at Wreck Bay.

162. The Government House on Hacienda El Progreso in 1905

163. Locally Harvested Invasive Cedar at the El Progreso Carpentry, 2016

164. Map of Zone of Special Use (ZUE) in San Cristóbal Island

165. Great class distinction, racial prejudice, language problems and religious barriers made communication between Norwegians and local residents difficult in San Cristóbal. Upon their arrival in Galápagos, the Norwegian colonists were quite unprepared for these problems.

166. Town Meeting in the Junta Parroquial, El Progreso, 2014

167. Stoneware Ink Bottle Embossed Adrien Maurin Paris

168. Beer Shipment Loaded onto Trucks, Commercial Dock, Wreck Bay

169. Digital Terrain Model of the Central Mill Area Using LiDAR Returns

170. The Cemetery at Puerto Chico in 1905