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1. Complete Decauville Rail System wheel, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, 2015

2. Modern Mural with Hacienda Ingenio in Background

3. Cobble Pavement Excavated on the East Side of the Mill Area 2016

4. Triple Effect Vacuum Evaporator, Hacienda El Progreso

5. Modern Mural with Cobos on Horseback Overlooking the Hacienda Water System

6. Structure with Tunnel Opening 2014

7. Smoke Stack Base 2016

8. External Combustion Chamber of Fire Box with Door 2018

9. Small Stone Water Cistern

10. Like the rest of the village on San Cristóbal, the Progreso sugar factory was founded by Manuel J. Cobos. When it was built in the 1880s, the factory was very modern.