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The Hacienda Pier in Puerto Chico
The four lifeboats were tied together in pairs, and the work of unloading the 14 prefabricated houses could begin.
It was about 10 kilometers (6 miles) inland from the coast up to the plateau where Campo Noruego was to be established. To begin with, they used the tractor to transport equipment, but soon found out that it was cheaper and quicker to hire local men with teams of oxen to do the job instead. The carts were brought along from Norway.
The "Manuel J. Cobos" Re-Christened as the "San Cristóbal"
The schooner Manuel J. Cobos named after Progreso's founder, moored along the jetty in Wreck Bay.
Manuel A. Cobos welcomes the Albemarle expedition to Galápagos. He strongly urges them to make San Cristóbal their terminal station.
El Rondel Traffic Circle Entrance to El Progreso,  in 2012
When Albemarle sailed back to Panamá, Harry Randall moved in with Manuel A. Cobos. Nearly every day he went riding with his host.
The Wreck Bay pier in 1938
Chatham Island c. 1930s
Paul Bruun was captain of the Manuel J. Cobos for about 18 months before he started trading with the Norge. The island community was dependent on the old schooner to obtain provisions from the continent. Delays and fuel shortages proved fatal for Bruun, her former skipper. When this photo was taken in 1934, the schooner had been re-named San Cristóbal.
Manuel A. Cobos (4th from left) invites the Floreana party for sight-seeing at the sugar factory. Cobos wears a broad-rimmed hat, riding breeches and a revolver holster across his chest.
Beer Shipment Loaded onto Trucks, Commercial Dock, Wreck Bay
Karin and Manuel Cobos with two-year old Dagfinn, Wreck Bay, 1932.
Gravel Quarry, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, in 2012