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1. The Commisary at Hacienda El Progreso in 1905

2. Grazing Cows at El Canopy, San Cristóbal, in 2016

3. The Government House on Hacienda El Progreso in 1905

4. Hacienda El Progreso Dance Hall

5. Hacienda El Progreso, with Deputy, Manuel A. Cobos and Accountant, 1919

6. The Landscape Surrounding Hacienda El Progreso in 1905

7. Portrait of Jose Monroy in 1878

8. Triple Effect Vacuum Evaporator, Hacienda El Progreso

9. Hacienda El Progreso, with Deputy, Manuel A. Cobos and Accountant, 1919

10. Worker's Quarters, Hacienda El Progreso, 1919

11. Datura Grove Near La Cárcel, El Progreso, San Cristóbal, 2016

12. Invasive Vegetation, Road to La Soledad, San Cristóbal, in 2014

13. A Family of Village Residents in Hacienda El Progreso

14. Manuel J. Cobos in Field Dress

15. La Cárcel under Invasive Vegetation, El Progreso, San Cristóbal, 2014

16. The Hacienda Pier in Puerto Chico

17. The Hacienda Prisoners on the dock in 1905

18. The four lifeboats were tied together in pairs, and the work of unloading the 14 prefabricated houses could begin.

19. View of the Worker's Houses, Hacienda El Progreso in 1888

20. Like the rest of the village on San Cristóbal, the Progreso sugar factory was founded by Manuel J. Cobos. When it was built in the 1880s, the factory was very modern.