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The village of El Progreso is 300 meters above sea-level on Isla San Cristóbal. In the mid-1920s it had about 300 inhabitants Repeat Photo (12) 2015
Carpintero Midden During Excavation 2014
Complete Decauville Rail System wheel, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, 2015
Natives, Chatham Island 1888 Repeat Photo (13) 2015
Modern Mural with Hacienda Ingenio in Background
Carpintero Midden Excavations, 2014
Natives, Chatham Island 1888 Repeat Photo (14) 2015
Cobble Pavement Excavated on the East Side of the Mill Area 2016
White Ceramic Buttons
Carpintero Midden Lense During Excavation 2014
Plantation Chatham Island 1888 Repeat Photo (1) 2015
Soil Profile of Deep Latrine Cut, 2015
Modern Mural with Cobos on Horseback Overlooking the Hacienda Water System
El Progreso Church in 1947 Repeat Photo (6) 2015
A Hair Clasp
Structure with Tunnel Opening 2014
Smoke Stack Base 2016
Viaje Presidencial, Población de San Cristóbal (Chatham) 1940s? Repeat Photo (9) 2015
El Progreso in 1947 Repeat Photo (5) 2015
Chatham Island Village of El Progreso 1933/34 Repeat Photo (10) 2015
External Combustion Chamber of Fire Box with Door 2018
Small Stone Water Cistern
A Domino Gaming Piece
View to NW from Loma del Consuelo, El Progreso 2014
Highland Vegetation in the Zone of Special Use (ZUE) 2014
A Coarse Earthenware Bottle Fragment From North Coast Peru
Laguna El Junco 2015
UAV Drone Flight, Loma Del Consuelo, El Progres, 2018
Wetland Lagoons Below El Junco 2015
Carpintero Midden Lense During Excavation, from Above, 2014
Distribution of Rations to Convicts Chatham Island Galapagos Archipelago 1888 Repeat Photo (2) 2015
Phytolith Field Sample Extraction, 2014
Galapagos Plantation Chatham Island Ethnology 1888 Repeat Photo (4) 2015
La Cárcel Unit 1 Profile with Extracted Phytolith Samples, 2014
Fertile Plateau of Chatham Island Seen Looking East from the Cobos Hacienda 1888 Repeat Photo (3b) 2015
La Cárcel Units 1&2 Excavations, 2014
Plantation and Natives Chatham Island 1888 Repeat Photo (3) 2015
Bone Buttons
Invasive Regrowth, View from Loma del Consuelo, El Progreso, 2014
Ceramic Plate Fragment with "Manuel" "Guayas" "Del Malecon"
Burning Invasive Vegetation on Farmland outside El Progreso, 2016
Holloway gout ointment jar
Lower Elevation Coastal Vegetation San Cristóbal 2014
Shell Buttons
Lined and Banded Earthenware Fragments
View Southwest from El Junco 2016
Fragments of a colorless glass demijohn
Concentrations of arboreal vs grass phytoliths and DP ratio signals
A selection of alcohol bottle finishes
Medicine Jar from the Mill Area
Shell Button
Fancy Button
Highland Vegetation on San Cristóbal 2014
Colorless condiment bottle and a fragment of a tumbler
View North from El Junco 2016
Doll’s head, legs and arm
Barluet & Cie./Creil & Montereau White Earthenware Fragment
White Earthenware Plate Fragment with Gien Inscription
White Earthenware Plate Fragment with Johnson Brothers  Inscription
Dr. H.F. Peery’s Dead Shot Vermifuge Bottle
In-situ White Earthenware Plate Fragment with Opaque de Sarreguemines  Inscription
Stoneware Ink Bottle Embossed Adrien Maurin Paris
Open Grazing Land, Santo Tomás, Isabela, 2016
A Glass Shoulder Seal Marked “RICHARD & MULLER/NEUFCHATEL”
Earthen Canal Connected to Large Water Cistern 2017
Inkwell Recovered from the Carpintero Midden
Dutch Oven or Fire Box and Boiler 2017
HRT Fire Tube Boiler 2017
Open Grazing Land, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, 2016
Glass Bottle Necks
The Peons Quarters 1919 Repeat Photo (8) 2015
Gun Cartridge Shells
No information  1905 Repeat Photo (7) 2015
Water Cisterns
Cane Press, Spur Wheels and Pinions as Decoration 2015
A Possible Comb Fragment