In the spirit of public humanities and UVic Library outreach, all research for this exhibit was added to the Wikipedia article for Gisèle Freund. If you visit the University of Victoria Libraries, Special Collections and Archives, please ask for the Gisèle Freund fonds (SC043)

This exhibition would not be possible without the generous support of the following people: 

  • Jonathan Bengtson, University Librarian
  • Lisa Goddard, Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship & Strategy
  • Stephen Ross, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Lara Wilson, Head of Special Collections and Archives
  • Ray Siemens, Director, Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory
  • Nada Lora, Library Assistant, McPherson Library/Archives
  • John Frederick, Library Assistant, McPherson Library/Special Collections
  • Braydon Justice, Developer/Analyst Digital Scholarship at University of Victoria Libraries
  • Chris Petter, Former Head of Special Collections

Dr. J. Matthew Huculak and Kathy Bohlman, MAS, curated an exhibition held in the Mearns Centre for Learning, University Archives and Special Collections from June 16-November 16, 2014. This online exhibition is meant to share, a small way, the exciting 20th-century material held in our library.

This site was built using Project Spotlight, a free and open source exhibit builder developed for public knowledge creation and is hosted at the University of Victoria Libraries, by Postdoctoral Fellow of Digital Scholarship, Dr. J. Matthew Huculak in May 2016. Kathy Bohlman, a trained archivist, is responsible for the metadata that accompany each image. 

For more information about Gisèle Freund and her legacy, visit Estate of Gisèle Freund/IMEC Images. You can also visit the University of Victoria Libraries' entire collection at Gisèle Freund photographs of James Joyce in Paris.