Glimpses into Chinese Immigration in Canada The New Republic & The World Journal Vancouver Newspapers

The World Journal Vancouver

The World Journal Vancouver (世界日報溫哥華版) is one of the most influential Chinese daily newspapers in North America. It was established in 1976 in New York and San Francisco by Mr. Wang Tiwu, the founder of Taiwan’s The United Daily News. With its headquarters in New York, The World Journal also has branches in Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Florida, and Chicago.

The World Journal Vancouver was founded in 1991, four years after the start of World Journal Toronto. Until 2016 when the World Journal Vancouver ceased to publish, it became one of the three most influential Chinese news media in Vancouver covering significant content of Chinese Canadian communities in the sections of “Vancouver News,” “Community News,” “Toronto News,” and “Canadian News’. It is an important primary resource for anyone interested in the contemporary history of Chinese Canadian immigration.

The whole run of the World Journal Vancouver is now preserved at University of Victoria Archives. We are actively seeking opportunities and resource to digitize this newspaper and make it open-access and full-text searchable, giving voice to the “silent” Chinese Canadian communities which were traditionally not well-represented in the mainstream media to improve inter-cultural understanding in Canada. Please feel free to contact Ying Liu, the Asian Studies Librarian at UVic [Email: yingliu(at)uvic(dot)ca] if you want to help or have suggestions.

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