Glimpses into Chinese Immigration in Canada The New Republic & The World Journal Vancouver Newspapers

Publishing History

The World Journal Vancouver was founded and printed in 1991 in Vancouver, four years after the start of The World Journal Toronto. The World Journal Vancouver was mainly distributed in the west coast of Canada. It used to be one of the three main Chinese newspapers in Vancouver. The other two are Ming Bao and Sing Tao Daily.

The purposes of The World Journal newspaper, as summarized by Mr. John Hsu, include: to internationalize the Chinese newspaper; to serve Chinese readers in U.S. and Canada; and to promote the concepts of democracy to Chinese immigrants in America. It is not difficult to notice the historical connection between The New Republic and The World Journal Vancouver although the latter no longer focused on political propaganda. The content of The World Journal Vancouver covered not only the local news in the sections of “Vancouver News,” “Community News,” “Toronto News,” and “Canadian News,” but also other sections such as the “Mainland China News,” “Taiwan News,” “Arts,” and “Sports,” which were usually compiled by The United Daily News team in Taiwan.

The World Journal Vancouver and The World Journal Toronto ceased publication in 2016.

The Canadian News section of The World Journal Vancouver is a valuable historical resource demonstrating the evolution of the Chinese immigrant community in the Pacific North West.

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