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Publishing History

The New Republic (新民國報), with its English title as either Hsn min kua poa or Hsin min kuo pao, was a Chinese language newspaper published first in Victoria and then in Vancouver, Canada by the Revolutionary Alliance (Tongmenghui) and its succeeding organization, Chinese Nationalist League or Kuomingtang Party (KMT), possibly from 1911 to 1984.

In 1912, The Revolutionary Alliance (Tongmenghui) and other political groups were merged as the Kuomintang Party (KMT), or the Chinese Nationalist League, and the Canadian KMT branch reported to the San-Francisco KMT headquarters. The Young China Morning Paper (少年中国晨报) started publication in August of 1910 as the U.S. KMT party’s newspaper. The New Republic, however, became the Canadian KMT party’s newspaper. In 1958, the newspaper publisher The New Republic Pub. Co. Ltd. moved from Victoria to Vancouver and continued publishing until 1984.

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