Glimpses into Chinese Immigration in Canada The New Republic & The World Journal Vancouver Newspapers

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The images in the collection are digital surrogates of real archive items.

For the exhibition, twenty-five articles were selected from The New Republic newspaper and forty-five articles from The World Journal Vancouver.

To make the content useful for a wider audience, we translated the articles and the interviews. We have attempted to make the translations and transcripts as close as possible to the original texts. We used square brackets for necessary notes added by our editor or translator. If you have any questions or feel confused about the translations or transcripts, please refer to the original Chinese texts in the images. You are very welcome to send any questions to Ying Liu, the Asian Studies Librarian at University of Victoria, at

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"CCNC will file a class action lawsuit against the Ottawa for the Head Tax victims." World Journal Vancouver Newspaper fonds. University of Victoria Special Collections and University Archives. Glimpses into Chinese Immigration digital collection. , May 16, 2020.

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