About the Project

The Project:

The exhibition seeks the opportunity to complete an important historical narrative history of the Chinese community in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, which can be understood and assessed by a wider audience in comparison with other mainstream media and newspapers. Making this important collection accessible online and full-text searchable will not only support multidisciplinary research on Chinese immigration, but also give voice to the “silent” Chinese Canadian community. This exhibition was also created as a pilot project with the hope of attracting more resources to help the UVic Libraries digitize the whole Canadian News section of The World Journal Vancouver.

The Project Team:

After collecting and selecting the content items, the project team scanned, OCRed, edited, and translated the articles into English. The interview videos were transcribed and translated into English. Metadata were created for each item in exhibition. The Spotlight application was used for showcasing the content.

Ying Liu, Project Manager, Asian Studies Librarian

Lisa Goddard, Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship & Strategy

Matt Huculak, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Christine Walde, Grants & Awards Librarian

Tiffany Chan, Digital Scholarship Developer

Dean Seeman, Head of Metadata

Min He, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Cataloger

Student Research Assistants: Shirley Shu, Jintia Ross-Van Mierlo, Qicheng Zhong, and Sophie Crocker


You are very welcome to send any questions or comments about the materials represented on the site to Ying Liu, the Asian Studies Librarian at University of Victoria, at yingliu@uvic.ca.