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Newspaper publishing--Canada ; Chinese language--Readers
Newspaper publishing--Canada ; Chinese language--Readers
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Newspaper publishing--Canada;Chinese language--Readers
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Article from: World Journal(世界日報)
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Pay Tribute to the Readers of the World Journal Vancouver!
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British Columbia--Vancouver ; Canada, Western
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British Columbia--Vancouver;Canada, Western
向温哥華世界日報的讀者致意! 今天,温哥華世界日報有了新的辦公大厦,有了全套的印報設備,有了專業專職的編、採、譯人員,有了服務精神昂揚的發行、廣告人員,在這樣軟硬體設施充實與更新的條件下,我們戮力以求的是贏得讀者對本報的愛護,建立讀者對本報的信賴,讓本報與廣大的讀者攜手同心,使温哥華世界日報成爲加西僑區每一個華人家庭、每一位華人同胞一日不可或缺的精神食糧。 今天,温哥華世界日報,改變了過去許多年造成讀者不便、引起讀者怨言,也令我們深感遺憾 、抱歉的一個事實,就是從美西三藩市編製出版的報紙,要到當天下午才運抵温哥華。過去這些年來我們日益强烈的認知,這種狀況必須及早改變,也終於有了今天的改變,在温哥華當地編報、印報、發報,大幅度加速了對加西地區讀者的服務。 温哥華世界日報,是台北聯合報系属下的一個單元,也是總管理處設在紐約的北美洲世界日報旗下的一個單元。温哥華世界日報有了紐約世界日報、三藩市世界日報、洛杉磯世界日報、多倫多世界日報,以及聯合報系各姊妹報的資訊交流和合作,我們自信有能力可以加强對加西地區讀者的服務。 從北美洲世界日報温哥華版,脱穎而出成爲温哥華世界日報,必然寓有要加强當地新聞的意願。這也正是我們充實與更新軟硬體設施的另一目標,除了前述要提早將報紙送達讀者手上的目標外,同時要盡力擴大對以温哥華爲中心的加西地區的新聞報導,務期加西地區的華人同胞,不論原籍何處,從何處來的,都能認同温哥華世界日報,對温哥華世界日報有了共識,接受温哥華世界日報爲屬於温哥華華人社區、代表加西地區所有華人的一份報紙。 世局在激烈的變,台灣海峽兩岸都在變,九七大限迅將屆臨的香港也在變,聚居於温哥華以及散居加西各地的華人,當然需要隨時立即獲知變動中的資訊,掌握變動中的資訊。温哥華世界日報適於此時脱穎而出,應運而生,讓我們同步掌握世界各地激烈變動的資訊,適應或因應這個變動中的世界。 加拿大是各國移民匯聚的一個國家,一個多種族的、多元文化的、工業先進的民主國家,移民入籍的華人,對前途都應該懷抱希望,追求人生的某些目標,治學、就業、創業,甚至參政,温哥華世界日報也會在這些方面注重提供資訊服務。 温哥華是一個美麗的都市,其爲海灣都市的外觀風貌,肖似東方之珠香港,所以近年來從香港移民的居多,也有不少從台灣、中國大陸、中南半島來的,大家聚居在這個美麗的都市,希望大家同心協力共同建設一個團結和諧的華人社區,成爲北美洲各地華人社區的示範,將中華文化的優越傳統在此發揚光大,大家和衷共濟,互助互勵,使老有所養、壯有所用、幼有所教,避免温哥華華人社區發展而爲不良社會風氣流毒下的又一感染區,避免溫哥華華人社區發展而爲不良華青幫派的又一温床。這樣偉大的目標,應爲温哥華華人共同的責任,我們更視爲温哥華世界日報要負起的一項神聖的責任。 今天是温哥華世界日報的一個好日子、一個大日子;是温哥華世界日報發展前進途中的一個里程碑。我們更願自我期許,今天也最好是以温哥華爲中心的加西華人社會邁向團結、和諧、繁榮、高文化水準的一個里程碑。 在北美洲世界日報的成長、壯大的歷史進程中,温哥華世界日報屬於紐約世界日報、三藩市世界日報、洛杉磯世界日報、多倫多世界日報之後,作爲北美洲世界日報旗下的一名小弟弟或小妹妹,但我們堅信,依恃温哥華世界日報全體同人的加倍努力,憑藉以温哥華爲中心的加西地區讀者的愛護、指教、支持,加上加西地區未來經濟發展的潛力,温哥華世界日報將能迅速趕上去,與北美洲世界日報旗下的各地世界日報併肩齊步,同爲北美洲世界日報的廣大的讀者,盡其服務與貢獻。 今天,我們北美洲世界日報所有的工作人員,包括温哥華世界日報的全體同人,向温哥華及加西各地的讀者致意! English translation: Pay Tribute to the Readers of the World Journal Vancouver! Today, the World Journal Vancouver has a new office building, a full set of printing equipment, full-time professional editors, interviewers, translators, publishers, advertisers, and publicists who are eager to work. Both our conceptual and concrete facilities have been fully enhanced and updated. With these actions, we are striving to win readers’ love of this newspaper, build readers’ trust, and let this newspaper connect with a vast number of readers to make the World Journal Vancouver help feed the spirits of every Chinese Canadian family and every Chinese Canadian in western Canada. Today, the World Journal Vancouver has changed the previous model that has caused readers a lot of inconvenience and given them a reason to complain over the past many years. We deeply regret this and are sorry for it. The fact is that newspapers compiled and published in San Francisco, in the west of the United States, will not arrive in Vancouver until the afternoon of that day. Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware that this situation must be changed as soon as possible, and it has finally changed today. The ability to edit, print, and publish newspapers in Vancouver has greatly accelerated the service to readers in western Canada. The World Journal Vancouver is an entity affiliated with the Taipei United Daily News Group. It is also an entity affiliated with the World Journal in North America, whose general administration is in New York. The World Journal Vancouver cooperates and exchanges information with the World Journal New York, the World Journal San Francisco, the World Journal Los Angeles, the World Journal Toronto, and other newspapers in the United Daily News Group. We are confident that we can strengthen our services to readers in western Canada. From the old edition to the new World Journal Vancouver, there must be a willingness to strengthen local news reporting. This is another goal of enhancing and updating our conceptual and concrete facilities. In addition to the goal mentioned above of delivering newspapers to readers earlier, we will also try our best to expand the coverage of the Vancouver-centered western Canada region. We deeply hope that Chinese Canadians in the region, regardless of their origins, can agree with the World Journal Vancouver and have a consensus on the fact that it is a newspaper that belongs to the Vancouver Chinese community and represents all Chinese Canadians in western Canada. The world is undergoing drastic changes; both sides of the Taiwan Strait are changing. Approaching 1997 [transfer of the Hong Kong government], Hong Kong is also changing. Chinese Canadians living in Vancouver and scattered around western Canada, of course, need to be informed of changing information at all times and understand the changes. The World Journal Vancouver currently stands out and now can emerge more as required. In this way we can simultaneously grasp the quickly changing information around the world as well as adapt and respond to it. Canada is a country with international immigrants. It is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, advanced industrial democracy. Chinese immigrants should be hopeful about their future and pursue their life, study, employment, entrepreneurship, and even political goals. The World Journal Vancouver will also pay attention to these aspects and provide information about them. Vancouver is a beautiful coastal city. It resembles Hong Kong, the pearl of the east. Therefore, in recent years, most immigrants came from Hong Kong. There are also many immigrants from Taiwan, mainland China, and the Indochinese Peninsula. Everyone is living in this beautiful place. We hope that everyone will work together to build a united and harmonious Chinese community, which will serve as a model for Chinese communities in North America. Traditional Chinese culture will be carried forward here. We will work together and help each other so that older people can be supported, adults can find jobs, and children can be educated. [We should] avoid developing an unfriendly atmosphere within the Vancouver Chinese community and not become another hotbed for the Wah Ching [Huaqing Bang]. This grand goal should be the common responsibility of the Vancouver Chinese community, and we regard it more as a sacred responsibility that the World Journal Vancouver must take. Today is a great day for the World Journal Vancouver; it is a milestone in our development. We are more than willing to create a milestone for the Vancouver-centered Chinese Canadian society to move toward that is based on unity, harmony, prosperity and high cultural standards in western Canada. The family of the World Journal has expanded. After the World Journal New York, the World Journal San Francisco, the World Journal Los Angeles, and the World Journal Toronto, the World Journal Vancouver has become like a younger sibling to them under the brand of World Journals North America. We firmly believe that with the efforts of all our World Journal Vancouver colleagues, along with the love, advice, and support of our readers in the Vancouver and western Canada regions and the potential of having future economic development there, the World Journal Vancouver will be able to catch up [to its siblings] quickly. We will work together with the other World Journals that are affiliated with the World Journals in North America to make new contributions and serve our readers. Today, all the staff members of the World Journals in North America, including all the colleagues of the World Journal Vancouver, pay tribute to our readers across Vancouver and western Canada!
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